High Holidays
at Chabad of Penn Wynne

Seat Reservations

The prayers are warm. The melodies are timeless. The people are friendly. The kids have a program. And everyone feels at home. Welcome to high holiday services at Chabad of Penn Wynne. Where we already saved you a seat.

Services conducted in English and Hebrew, with simultaneous insights and explanations into the prayers, practices & rituals. Special children’s holiday program & service. Advance rsvp appreciated.

We do not charge to attend High Holiday Services but Donations are very much appreciated:


Service Schedule 
Rosh Hashanah Night 1 - September 20

Make Eruv Tavshilin
Light Candles at 6:43 pm
Evening Services: 6:45pm

Rosh Hashanah Day 1 - September 21

Morning Services: 9:00 am
Shofar Sounding: 11:15 am
Mincha/Evening Services: 6:15 pm
Tashlich Service: 6:35 pm
Light Candles after 7:39 pm

Rosh Hashanah Day 2 - September 22

Morning Services: 9:00 am
Shofar Sounding: 11:15 am
Light Shabbat Candles before 6:40 pm
Evening Services: 6:40 pm

Yom Kippur Night - September 29

Afternoon Service: 3:15 pm
Light Candles at 6:28 pm
Fast Begins at 6:28 pm
Kol Nidrei Services: 6:30 pm

Yom Kippur Day - September 30

Morning Services: 10:00 am
Yizkor Memorial Service: 12:00 pm
Afternoon Service: 5:00 pm
Neilah Closing Service: 6:15 pm
Fast Ends at 7:25 pm
Followed by a full break-fast

ALL services will be held at the JCC.


Increase your generosity of Tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. "Repentance, Prayer and Charity take away the severity of the decree".

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High Holiday Prep
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